Chapter 5.c

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July 22, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Teamwork and team spirit


Let’s look at the future: they say that changes must come from young people, but which young people? Let’s make some clarity: by young people do we mean children? Adolescents? University students? Or the young people who, reached the full maturity, should face the problems of adult life? We are certainly talking about young adults, especially from a psychological point of view, those that have entered a phase of life when they are independent, and not just economically, young people who are aware of the difficulties of adult life and that must operate in their own interest. When one tries to confuse them with other young people, generally he does to get a pretext to manipulate young people still lacking of the right experiences and thus more easy to be circumvented. To incite the change by those who cannot do it, is clearly a strategy to not change anything in the name of reformism.
A satisfactory society should respect human nature and be democratic, but a true democratic culture is now non-existent. The social order of democratic structure that we are about to present is therefore currently impossible, although it is a serious project for the future, to be pursued after that the right cultural adaptation will spread; it is an important precondition in order to distinguish the problems within our reach from those which are not. The concept of modern village, however, as we have seen, is readily achievable and may even be the right mean for the dissemination of the democratic culture. It also is not in conflict with the political system into force, but it complements this system, just like the non-profit organizations, with the difference however that compared to these, it offers immediate benefits to those who take part to it and allows to save time, which is the resource that is now more valuable. The consolidation of the activities of the village can afford to entrench the culture of participation and sharing, while the development of federations of villages will allow to exceed its limits and may facilitate the spread of this model. On this basis we can then begin to define a new truly democratic social order.


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