5.b.20 – And in the meantime?

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July 20, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

And in the meantime?

We should ask ourselves whether now, in the absence of a sufficiently extended system of villages, a journalist could sell directly to people his work and then disengaging from the current employer that affect (or commissions) the opinions. Technically, thanks to the internet, encrypted connections and other modern technologies, it would be feasible with a system of micro-transactions but it is currently not allowed by law; micro-transactions are the movements of small sums of money (even a few cents) against the receipt of a service, all via the internet, with the technology, the simplicity and the cost tending to zero of an e-mail. By applying the micro-transactions system to publish news and views, a journalist completely independent would need around 3,500 readers a day to pay a cent each what is daily published and, considering that the network allows to easily find and obtain also opinions published in the past, we are talking of a number of users far from being unattainable. If with this system the journalist could earn at least double what he is currently paid and citizens may obtain useful information, always available and at ridiculous cost, why such a system has not yet been legalized? It’s obvious that someone else commands, someone who does not want to lose the control and the management of information. 


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