5.b.14 – What do we mean by information?

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July 14, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

What do we mean by information?

As we have seen talking about the value of knowledge, culture is transmitted in the form of information or starts from them. This means that for a good management of culture, a good management of information is also essential.
It should immediately clarified what we mean when we use the word information because this has several subtly different meanings and therefore it is quite easy to be confused. In general we tend to attribute a meaning to our perceptions, that is to interpret them: that meaning is also called the information received. When information is transmitted intentionally it is also called message.
There are some information whose usefulness is immediately apparent, such as train timetable, while in other cases it is not apparent at all but proves over time to be invaluable; the descriptive information, i.e. those that describe the world in which we live, are the basis of our culture and, like knowledge, can be useful long after the time when we come into possession of it.
Another important concept is that of the information of public interest, which are all the information that are useful or potentially useful for the whole community and this should not be confused with the information that arouses the interest of the public or its curiosity.


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