5.b.12 – Is it possible to run a school from below?

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July 12, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Is it possible to run a school from below?

If adults cannot afford to leave to others the management of their own culture, for the same reason they cannot allow others to manage that of their children. In a way similar to how the Ministry of Health coordinates and manages hospitals that operate according to the diseases and the demands for care of the population, also the Ministry of Education must coordinate the schools that provide services in accordance with the requests of parents.
How parents can agree between themselves and the schools to manage the training of children? Through the concentric system for the collection and selection of ideas, used for the selection of topics for adults, we can also choose the topics for the programs of the school. Thus it would also be easy to reconcile the demands of uniformity in the programs with a variety of local needs: the most popular topics will be the programs common to all schools, which will be added to the topics most popular locally as complementary assets that will make richer the culture of young people in their entirety.
Is it likely that parents have the ability to assess the quality of school curricula? The democratic management easily solves this problem: the fundamental skills that must be common to all is to know how to assess our limitations and to know how to recognize who is a reliable expert. It is obvious that a parent is not in any position to assess the need to incorporate or not a part of the mathematics or chemistry program, but certainly in his village (or group of villages) there will be someone who can do it and everyone will give suggestions about what they know; fortunately the mathematics teachers have children too and are part of society, then there will be no problems to find the right ideas.


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