5.a.17 – Is the village based on the family?

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June 28, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Is the village based on the family?

Speaking of the value of the family, we had discovered that the current State is not based at all on the family, as it should, and that historically is against his nature to do so; its form of government in fact is based on a clear separation between the institutions on the one hand and the population scattered in totally disorganized families with no political role on the other. The great nations then, although acknowledging to have the duty to protect the family as the basic brick of society, can afford to ignore this duty.
We can note that the modern village is exactly the opposite, as it is inspired by the tribal community formed by an aggregate of families, whose union was based on collaboration and mutual assistance; it was therefore a structure created to enhance and protect the families of its inhabitants.
A similar model can be easily reproduced in the modern village, which will then make a valuable contribution to building a society truly based on the family. Here’s another example of how our solutions, as well as problems, can be mutually supportive; but we must remember that the solution we proposed for the problem of social disorganization has never been tested thoroughly, so must pass the test of facts before being considered a viable option. It  should be especially really respectful of our values and a strong support to the solution of other root problems.



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