5.a.16 – How to find the time?

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June 27, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

How to find the time?

In the Western world time becomes an increasingly precious asset; we must carry out an increasing number of activities and thus it takes longer or more speed, a speed that we are trying to get with ever more sophisticated tools at the pace of which, however, often we must adapt. We live a more hectic life, more and more convulsive that we struggle to endure and in this context phenomena like stress, anxiety, depression and aggressiveness, which drastically reduce the quality of our lives, are widespread. Some are trying to recover from the stress by going to spas relaxing or doing relaxing activities, others are turning to the advice of psychologists, and others, perhaps considering that previous activities, however, require time, prefer to use antidepressant drugs. Then there is an increasing number of people who, instead of trying to compensate for the stress suffered, try to bear it with stimulant medicines, up to use drugs. It is also largely increased the number of those who tend to flee from this oppressive world by isolating themselves as much as possible and limiting the maximum human contacts, which have already been damaged by lack of time, with even more negative results.
We can see that in the above behaviour is not ever sought to remove the cause of stress and this is simply because it is widely believed that the frenzy of the modern world is a disgrace, not a problem to solve. We know instead that the speed of change is due to a state of evolutionary emergency and we have already discussed on how this can be managed.
Some might think that to participate in the life of the village is necessary to find the time, that in the end this would be one more engagement; nothing more wrong, the village should be a tool to solve problems, not to make any more. The village is a form of organization to do better what we already do, like to keep ourselves informed, having fun with friends, sharing a hobby, doing it all with an equal or lower use of time.
This tool can also be used to do things now we would like to do but we cannot, for example opening a kindergarten or a school according to our criteria of quality; these activities typically involve a saving of time, that’s why we feel the need of them: how much time we lose to take our children to facilities too far away or too expensive? That is always the rule of the benefit, if an individual participates in an activity of the village is because he has his advantages.
The human being is genetically predisposed to live in a village, so being part of it should not subtract free time, the time utilised is free time instead, time spent with our friends, or planning to do things that we like to do and that we normally do outside work.




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