5.a.12 – What advantages can we obtain?

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June 23, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

What advantages can we obtain?

Considering that in a village live and work several groups, equivalent to the ancient clan family, which may have different specialties or different activities, we can see this village as a multipurpose facility to be contacted as needed. Let’s recall that in nature social animals do not form a different pack according to different needs, but it is always the same pack that fits and supports the needs of individuals as appropriate.
The village follows the same principle and this brings some advantages over other forms of associations that provide services. The modern citizen, for meeting some needs must address to a government entity, a private company, a cooperative i.e. to many different organizations. Of course he cannot actively participate in all of them, often in none, and therefore has great difficulty to be able to exercise control over them, because he is forced to observe from outside. In the village, instead, we have a single structure to be kept under observation and to which we participate from the inside, so it is easy for everyone to watch. Also, if it has an effective democratic system, everyone can have a direct impact on its domestic policy.
This is a new model of organization based on the ancient laws of human nature, a democratic model and adapt to man: the simplicity of its structure requires very few rules that all, freely participating, soon learn by heart without ever having studied them; all of us, when following a football match, know the rules of the game, but nobody has ever studied it on the books, we have only played a few times and followed with passion the games played by others.
Undoubtedly, many activities are cheaper if done in large scale, with much larger bodies than a village, but often we find ourselves in front of the opposite problem: activities that are easier to carry out in small local groups are assigned to large structures, having a very heavy bureaucracy, with very poor results. We could then release many utilities by the impediments of bureaucracy, on which however we have no authority, and make them more efficient and put them under democratic control.
As for democracy, it is a value which, like all others, must be practiced and not only remembered in words or exalted; living in an apparent democracy, leads to follow an apparent democratic culture, which teaches us to vote someone who does not represents us, to consider not as serious a matter when a politician or a party lies to its their own electors, not to ask who has chosen the candidates that present themselves for election, not to how the party that we have chosen has voted for a law that is important to us. If instead we found a way to achieve true democracy in a single village, participating in it, we can learn a true democratic culture. The dissemination of that culture is certainly one of the most important benefits we can get, because it is the indispensable precondition for a democracy at the national level.
The village anyway also has a limit: over one hundred members there are major problems of organization, because by nature human beings are capable of maintaining a limited number of contacts, just those needed to lead a tribal life. Above this limit, it must be divided into two or more villages. To manage large organizations with hundreds or thousands of members, or to deal with the problems of a big city, we must use something different as a federation of villages, in which however we should maintain the fundamental characteristics of democracy, a problem which we have not yet faced on large populations.
Waiting to solve this issue, we can however remember that the activities that require a number of persons less than one hundred are many and that they are now entirely out of our control; in these cases then we must recognize that using a structure like the village would bring many advantages in terms of convenience, efficiency, psychological well-being and quality of life in general.


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