5.a.4 – Can a mixed democracy exist?

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June 15, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Can a mixed democracy exist?

The only valid model of democracy, so far known, is the direct one, but it applies to our hypothetical group until it does not exceed a number of about a dozen people. This number corresponds to that of friends we usually associate with, as well as it corresponds to that of a team of hunters or of another working group of the tribal society, so this is the number that by nature can be used in order to successfully perform a collaborative activity: beyond this number we would tend to organize in parallel groups.
Considering that the purpose of a democracy is to reach a decision that best meets the common interest and that this is clearly a collaborative activity, it seems logical to try to apply the same principle.
If, for example, we consider a group of seventy people well organized, we’ll have seven meetings of ten persons during which direct democracy is smoothly applied and each of them selects what is considered to be the best decision. At this stage we can note that seventy people are too many for direct democracy, but very few for indirect, and to compare the different ideas it can easily uses the principle of representation by a delegate to a general council of seven persons, who in turn will be able to apply within the group the rules of direct democracy.
It can be seen that with this procedure there aren’t the typical problems of parliamentary democracy as the delegates know all of those they represent and therefore do not need any propaganda that should be funded by someone to whom return the favour; also a manipulator might succeed at the highest to circumvent his group, going to compete in the general council with others who have reached the same level honestly, without obtaining therefore a significant advantage over them. He could certainly try to circumvent even the members of the general council, who however will be people with consolidated ideas, recognized as leaders and probably as the most prepared, therefore less susceptible to manipulation.
So in a group of numbers comparable to the tribal village, which conforms to our nature, we managed to merge the two systems of traditional democracy, taking the advantages and avoiding their problems.


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