5.a.3 – What small groups are based on?

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June 14, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

What small groups are based on?

We have identified four root problems and they are so closely interconnected, that they cannot be solved separately. In terms of the targets we have set ourselves, we can note that almost all can be achieved only collectively; the first obstacle to be removed, therefore, is that of social fragmentation.
In order to reconstruct our social structure we have set two objectives:
– organize the small groups that form a structure which respects the human nature, selected to live in a tribal society, and at the same time is compatible with modern life
– be able to make this structure truly democratic.
Organizing small groups it is quite common, like a football team or a group of tourists, but it should be noted that in any case it is necessary an activity that requires collaboration; this feature, to be considered of major importance already in the tribal villages, has maintained unchanged its importance until today, but now modern communities are released from the way of life based on isolated settlements, economic self-sufficiency and dependence on the territory. Structures of this kind already exist and are well known, so the method to achieve the first objective already exists and certainly is within our reach: this method is to define a clear target, easily reachable, in which everyone could have a role in the common interest.
When the need that inspired the group endures over time, as in the case of voluntary associations, the group takes on characteristics of stability and tends to grow in number. It should be noted that, beyond a certain size, the group tends to be organized into sub-groups associated among them, which tend to restore a degree of physical proximity between members; despite the variety of means of communication made available by technology, is no doubt that our nature leads us to prefer direct contact.
With reference to the second objective, we have only direct democracy as a model but we cannot extend it to large groups, already facing huge problems in groups of twenty people.



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